Energy Blast – Oct 27, 2010

President Dmitry Medvedev has articulated Russia’s need for energy efficiency in the housing sector by threatening irresponsible governors, and anticipates major investment into efficiency retrofits from domestic and foreign sources, reports the Moscow Times.  Russia has approved a new agreement with the Polish government to increase its gas supply. Russia’s first major oil refinery since Soviet times has been launched in Tatarstan – the first phrase of a three-part complex that has thus far cost $6 billion.  ExxonMobil has reopened its Turkmenistan office with a view to developing its substantial natural gas resources there: ‘Turkmenistan has great potential to be a regional energy and economic leader given its abundance of natural gas.‘  Ukraine and TNK-BP are to team up on exploration of gas deposits.  The latter’s sales have risen over 11% in the last quarter thanks to increased prices and production.