Energy Blast – October 5, 2009

The Financial Times enumerates Gazprom’s problems: are its ambitions to increase production any more than pipe dreams?  Competition for energy reserves in the Arctic Circle could prompt friction between Russia and NATO, a new commander at the alliance has warned.  Bloomberg reports that the holder of the world’s fourth-largest gas reserves, Turkmenistan, is ready to export natural gas to European collaborators if they build a pipeline across the Caspian Sea to transport the fuel.  According to Oil and Gas Eurasia, Russia needs a total of $310 billion to fully carry out its program for the analysis and exploration of its continental shelf, a deputy natural resources minister has announced.  Energy Minister Sergei Shmatko has said that Russia has been invited as an observer to the December meeting of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries.  Finnish environmental officials have approved clearing of military equipment from the Baltic Sea for the building of the Nord Stream gas pipeline.  Rosatom has agreed to sell $3 billion of enriched uranium to France and Japan. The Times has a report on China’s ravenous appetite for Western oil company assets.