Faces of the Opposition: Oleg Kozlovsky, part 2

Below is the long awaited second half of Grigory Pasko’s interview with Oborona youth movement leader Oleg Kozlovsky as part of his “Faces of the Opposition” video series. The first installment can be seen here or on our YouTube channel. Kozlovsky has been in the news lately as the Kremlin, exhausted with and intolerant of his activism, has forcefully conscripted him to the army – a measure of breathtaking illegality. Thanks to our Russia correspondent Grigory Pasko, we have posted up original writings of Kozlovsky and other interviews, and La Russophobe has certainly been carrying the torch for his cause with dozens of blog entries. Let’s hope that this bright young man can stay safe and continue his courageous advocacy for non-ideological popular sovereignty.