Forum Discussions of Yelena Maglevannaya

In relation to my interview with Yelena Maglevannaya posted a moment ago, below we have some translated comments from a forum discussing the case. – G.P.

“Like you, I accused the powers, but only the UFSB for Volgograd Oblast, with an indication of the concrete ranks, surnames of the efesbeshniks [FSB-niks] THAT THEY ARE APPLYING IN OUR OBLAST psychotropic weaponry in relation to our citizens. They put me on trial too. But in criminal procedure – gave 3 years and 150 000 fine. Subsequently the verdict was repealed in the Supreme court… I am prepared to help you – be your representative in court without any remuneration whatsoever. I will render assistance professionally. My tel.902 651 74 82 – Nikolai Petrovich.”

My commentary: On 17 May I telephoned this Nikolai Petrovich – his surname is Lutsenko. He was born on 17 May of the year 1954. I congratulated him with his birthday. I’ve got his address. He confirmed what had been written by him in the capacity of a response. And said: what Maglevannaya wrote is just the tip of an iceberg under the name “lawlessness in Russia.” He reported that other cases of abuses against inmates are known to him as well. – Grigory Pasko.

* * *

“Based on the results of the work of the European Court for 2008, Russia came out in first place, having outstripped Turkey, in the quantity of applications filed by citizens for unlawful actions of structures of power and officials. A moratorium with a term of 1 year has been introduced by the European Court on the examination of applications from Russian citizens, concerning the non-execution of the decisions of courts by our state. The moratorium is an extreme measure, inasmuch as the quantity of applications from Russia and their indisputability bear witness to the total rightlessness reigning in our country, and the absence of real legal opportunities for the protection of rights and liberties. In the event that Russia in the course of 6 months does not resolve the problems of the non-execution of the decisions of courts, the next step will be the suspension of membership in the EC. In so doing, a significant part of the applications of Russian citizens concerns conditions of detention and in jails. Tortures, killings, rapes, etc. The officials representing the interests of Russia in the European Court object against the applications, argumenting among others by saying that this is not tortures, but self-mutilation with the aim of attracting attention. And there is no fault of the RF in this. However, the court, examining the applications on the merits, as a rule, comes to the conclusions that being held in Russian jails is in fact torture. And awards significant monetary sums in the capacity of compensation of harm caused. This here is what the facts are.”

* * *

“…Human rights advocate Svetlana Gannushkina told a correspondent of «Radio Liberty» about how she is preparing for publication a report on the situation of imprisoned Chechens and other outcomers from the Caucasus in Russian correctional institutions. The incident of Zubairayev is described in it in detail. In the report, besides tortures, are mentioned also incidents of moral influence: in certain colonies, they force Chechens to eat port, turn on chastushki [humorous improvised rhyming ditties sung in a strident voice at drunk parties–Trans.] through the public address system when they are attempting to perform namaz [five-times-a-day required prayer for Muslims–Trans.], prohibit reading the Koran.

– This lawsuit – a method of the administration of the colony to defend itself. Well then, let them put all of us on trial then, because we are all convinced: that which Lena Maglevannaya writes does indeed take place with Zubair Zubairayev, – Gannushkina is convinced. – The leadership of UFSIN ought to also pay attention to this and carry out a serious check and change of personnel in the colony.