Getting Famous the Hard Way

Some people talk about Russia learning from the Iranian experience in the recent attack on an individual Georgian blogger – an impressive feat of hacking which actually succeeded in crashing Twitter and hampering Facebook with a DDOS attack of sniper-like precision.  Impressive maybe, but now the consequence is that more people are paying attention to this Cyxymu fellow as the latest internet celebrity … even though some of his quotes show that he may not be the brightest bulb in the blogosphere.

“I am not happy that [my] blogs were attacked,” said the blogger, speaking on his cellphone from outside the Georgian capital of Tbilisi. “But it is good that I get famous.

“I think Obama knows about me, because he likes Internet news.” (…)

Giorgy said the attack would not stop him from blogging and said he had adapted before by changing addresses, making his online soapbox a moving target. One of his strategies is to raise funds for a more stable home for his views.

“I want to create a new Internet blog,” he said, to be housed on “a server in America.”