Grigory Pasko: Children’s Drawings of the Leadership


My 12-year-old son loves to draw. Favorite subjects at different times have been Harry Potter, Spider-Man, anime, and much more. For some reason he never drew Putin, nor Medvedev either. And their wives with dogs and doves he also did not draw. I don’t think that I need to worry greatly about this and get distressed, wringing my hands: well, why isn’t he drawing THEM, who are so wonderful, judging from the television, strong and smart, kind and brave…

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The drawings that olgatt has posted on her blog,were no doubt drawn by little kids at someone’sinstruction-suggestion-insistent-request. I can just see the stoutwoman from the popular Russian comedy television show «Nasha Rasha»,who says in a voice that doesn’t tolerate any objections: «And now,children, we are going to draw our national leader, our everything -Vladimir Vladimirovich and his dog (and his president, and his wife, andhis watch, and his horse, and his gas pipeline…)…» And the childrendraw. What else is there to do? An elder has said to. And you’ve gotto obey your elders.

And obediently go: into a prison transport truck maybe, into thepro-putinite youth movement «Nashi», into the pro-putiniute party«United Russia», into the KGB-FSB… In a word, into the «bright future».

But the future without the PR-teleimage of Putin, it seems, is already inconceivable in our country.