Grigory Pasko: Fingerprinting and Russia’s Repressive Fantasies


Head of the Investigative Committee of Russia, Alexander Bastrykin, recently came up with the brilliant idea of fingerprinting and DNA registering the entire population of the country, or at least that’s what is stated in his report the collegium of the Procuracy-General of the RF. Bastrykin declared: « …And on the whole it would be useful to introduce a fingerprint and genome registration for the entire population of the RF. And this is connected not only with the struggle with criminality, and what is being spoken of here is not about the total suspicion of all citizens of the commission of crimes, but this is needed, first and foremost, to provide for the security of the citizens themselves».

And what did you expect from the Bastrykins, anyway? This is nothing compared with what they’ll propose in the future.

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They could, after all, if they take a creative approach to this process and come up with all kinds of other things … in fact, it’s an interesting exercise to imagine the profound depths of the siloviki’s repressive fantasies.

For example, they could make casts of the teeth of all dogs. Or collect samples of everyone’s bad breath. Issue handcuffs to everybody, so they could shackle themselves at home and not go out in the streets. Especially on the 31st of the month.

Also we’ve got to take a caliper and measure the heads of these citizens, just in case, for their own security, and then implant chips into all these measured heads.

And then fit everyone for a collar with a detonator to sit upon their impudent necks, but of course those bastards (the Russian citizens) will still be constantly moving around.As soon as he looks someplace he’s not supposed to – push the littlebutton – and this character loses his noggin. For his own benefit, yousee.

Measure the sizes of feet and hands, weight, eye color, quantity ofteeth and hair follicles on the heads. The size of the hips and busts -of all women. And heaven forbid it doesn’t coincide with the notionsabout state standards in this realm (and they are known to everybody).

Take from everybody samples of their noxious voices, their vilehandwriting. Photograph into a database their deceitful smiles,especially in the stage of laughing at the power. Separately record alltheir preferences in music and literature, food and drink: who knowsif they might not come in handy.

During identification of their rotten corpses, even such a preventivemeasure as fixation of the contents of pockets and brands of watches,crowns on teeth and wedding rings might come in handy. For this sameobjective, to prescribe that everyone wear special medals on theirservile necks (because chips might melt, and detonators – activate tooearly).

…And definitely photograph everybody: in profile and full-face, fromabove and from below, standing and lying, sitting and leaping, during anattempt to flee and in the Romberg pose, naked and in prison garb (justin case, for their own friggin benefit).

That’s about it, it seems… No, let me think a couple minutes more, andI’m sure I’ll come up with something else.

This process – thinking up methods of total surveillance of slaves – isendless.

All the more so given that the slaves don’t seem to be very muchopposed.