Grigory Pasko: The Recycling of Khodorkovsky Attack Letters

Not too long ago, the lawyer Anatoly Kucherena, State Duma deputy Vladislav Tretiak (yes, the famous hockey goalie…), the animal trainers Askold and Edgard Zapashnoy, the television presenter Tina Kandelaki, the singer Nikolai Rastorguyev, as well as certain other public figures published a peculiar “open letter” supposedly in defense of the Russian judicial system against a «particular approach to the second trial in the case of «YUKOS».

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In the letter they declared that the judicial system in Russia is being subjected to discreditation. In their opinion, the system requires reforming, however “doing this under the pressure of individual institutions and persons, all the more so ones found in conflict with the law or allowing the possibility of its selective application, is senseless and dangerous“.

As its authors write, “the striving of the relatives and the innercircle of accuseds to make use of all opportunities and resources forbuilding up a system of defense is understandable“.

And hereeverything goes into play – emotions, publications in the press, picketsnext to courts, public actions. However the allowability of suchmethods of influence on justice not only devalues the idea of fairnessand adversariality of judicial proceedings, but also gives theopportunity to justify threats over and abuses of the judicial andlaw-enforcement systems with political struggle“, – it is noted in theletter.

Here’s such “noble” indignation of “noble” persons.

Khodorkovsky’s lawyer Yuri Schmidt expressed himself thus in thisregard: “One should not think that what is taking place is a worldwideconspiracy under the leadership of dark forces, enemies, a worldwidebehind-the-scenes, who want at any cost to compromise Russian justice inthe interests of a narrow circle of persons. With this pathos of theletter I am thoroughly not in agreement, but that the judicial system ofRussia really is sick and that the disease is complex, comprehensive:an absence of independence and a deep corruptedness, with this I willagree“.

I am going to express myself absolutely subjectively andundiplomatically: the latest pack of the latest miscreants has writtenthe latest poison-pen letter. Only there’s somewhat more toning down,denser “noble” indignation, more frequent – pretty words (like withMedvedev in his speeches about the necessity of freedom). But from allthis the dismal mug of the yedrosy [A contemporary abbreviated monikerfor members of the United Russia party, somewhat comparable to”uniruses”–Trans.] has not stopped being visible. And even veryvisible.

They will write again. And without fail – collectively. Because eachof them individually is – a coward. Just like their Putin. It is notfor judge Danilkin that they have interceded. And, it goes withoutsaying, not for the judicial system. It is for their mob bosses alongthe lines of Putin-Sechin that they have interceded, for those whoreally and concretely contributed to the disappearance of an independentjudiciary in Russia.

..They are offended by “methods of influence on justice”? First, wherehave they seen this justice? Second, the methods are thoroughlypeaceful and within the bounds of the law (or is the Libyan variantcloser to their hearts, as it is for the youth minister of the putinitegovernment Yakemenko?). Third, where have they seen adversariality?And fairness?
In short: it was not respect for these time-servers anyway, and herethey’ve gone and hung this letter on themselves too. So that they,grovelling toadies, could be seen from afar. We see you, guys! We havenoticed you. A cookie for you for this. From your Putin.

Yet another opinion about this letter. The journalist OlgaBakushinskaya writes on her blog:
«What bewilders about the modern-day miscreants – this is the absence of scope.
Here on one side – Khodorkovsky and Lebedev. Inna Khodorkovskaya andthe parents. And on the other side, forgive me Lord, the chairman ofsome kinds of unheard-of trade unions, Zapashny and Kandelaki. By theway, strikingly few figures from art, science and other intelligentactivity, unlike the previous letter on the same subject. Nothing butcutting and sewing circle instructors from a district house ofpioneers

And yet another fact. The congress of the Chamber of Commerce andIndustry of the RF, which took place recently in Moscow, elected as thenew president of the chamber Sergey Katyrin, who had occupied beforethis the post of vice-president of the CCI.
I’m thinking, where was it that I saw this surname just recently?

A, I remembered where- here: Appearing as the initiator of the letterwas of the committee «For the openness of justice». Among thesignatories – head of the commission of the Public Chamber for controlover the activity of the law-enforcement organs Anatoly Kucherena,vice-president of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Sergey Katyrin…»

I can just imagine: they came up to Katyrin with a knife and said: ifyou don’t sign the letter of the 55, then you will never becomepresident of the CCI. And he signed. No doubt he’s now distressed,wipes snot all over his cheeks, bites his elbows, guzzles vodka…Sort oflike the conscience is troubled.