Hillary Clinton Cleans Up after Biden

mtp072709.jpgMy apologies for the Sunday silence – I’m told that spending a day away from the internet in the summer is good for my health.  At any rate, as many readers already know, Sec. of State Hillary Clinton spent an hour on Meet the Press on Sunday, part of which was spent taking care of some janitorial duties after VP Joe Biden’s stupendously honest comments to the Wall Street Journal on Russia (we wish more diplomats would occasionally speak so colloquially).  Clinton’s aim was clearly to make sure nobody’s feelings got hurt in the Kremlin.

The full transcript of the Meet the Press interview is here (“We want a strong, peaceful and prosperous Russia.“), and some links to news coverage are below.  The Russian media hasn’t given quite as much coverage to Clinton’s correction, but RussiaToday is making a meal out of Biden’s comments.

Reuters:  Clinton says U.S. sees Russia as “Great Power”

Los Angeles Times: Clinton calls Russia a ‘great power’ after Biden’s earlier, harsher remarks

Wall Street Journal: Clinton Reassures Moscow on Reset

Financial Times:  Clinton Moves to Calm Russia Spat