“How much is pork?”

One would think that with the confusing ban on U.S. pork imports, that Russia wasn’t really concerned with food supply or prices.  But with this news from the Moscow Times, I think Homer Simpson will be booking a ticket immediately.  Perhaps these high prices reflect the rising interest in swine sports

“How much is pork?” Putin asked astounded store attendants, Interfax reported.

Seeing a price tag of 335 rubles ($11) and consulting a pricing table that listed the item’s purchase price as 160 rubles, Putin’s calculation yielded an unhappy result.

“This is double the price. Is that normal?” the prime minister asked Yury Kobaladze, the managing director of X5.

“Is 120 percent a high markup?” Kobaladze asked.

“Very high,” Putin said.

“It will be lowered tomorrow,” Kobaladze said.