It’s “Summer Time” in Russia


It’s nice to know the State Duma of the Russian Federation doesn’t have anything more important on its agenda… To be honest, when we read this report on the «» information agency website,  we first thought it was some kind of early April Fool’s Day joke, but apparently it’s for real, albeit instigated by the never-a-dull-moment Zhirinovskyite “Liberal” “Democrats”. The anti-Western hysteria being whipped up by the Kremlin and its compliant Duma these days has found a new whipping-boy – Daylight Savings Time (or, as it’s known in most of the rest of the world outside North America, Summer Time). Reminds us of when, in a fit of heady euphoria after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Uzbeks actually moved the clocks an hour in the wrong direction in the spring – just because they could now! Ironically, today’s xenophobic article, which we’re delighted to offer in exclusive translation below, appeared on the website below a rather bizarre banner advertisement for “American lard – because you’re worth it!“.

In the State duma, they consider the switch to “summer” time to be a part of the world conspiracy against Russia

In the State duma of the RF, they consider the switch to “summer” and “winter” time to be a part of the world conspiracy against Russia. As is being reported by the IA REGNUM correspondent, during the course of a session of the State duma, deputy Sergey Abeltsev (LDPR) brought to the attention of parliamentarians that “a tragic day approaches – the day of the moving of time”.

“They beguiled us with the idea of universal equality and brotherhood, then they promised us to build a society of equal opportunities, and now they’re playing with the most valuable thing a person has – his time”, – noted the State duma deputy.

“Whether we move the hands forwards or backwards – time will notchange because of this; what will change is our life and it will changeonly for the worse”, – Abeltsev is convinced. “This is again thousandsof tardy people, thousands of pre-infarction states, millions ofbiorhythms out of whack”, – underscored he.

“The time has come to get to the bottom of the matter of who thisidiotic idea belongs to, and is this idea not a component part of theconspiracy of the world’s back rooms against our long-sufferingMotherland”, declared Abeltsev.

We will note that on 29 March in Russia, the hands of clocks aremoved an hour ahead from 2 o’clock to 3 o’clock at night. 75 countriesswitch to summer time, more than 120 states – don’t switch.