Journalist Exiled over Missing Russian Ship

UPDATE: A commenter points out that this might not be a story at all...

arcticsea090309.jpgRemember the Ghost Ship story?  How all the explanations just didn’t seem to add up?  The one Russian military journalist to piece together a coherent theory suggested that there had been no pirates involved in the hijacking of “The Arctic Sea” ship (which would have been the first pirate attack in the Baltic Sea in many decades), but rather separate groups moving on an illegal arms shipment arranged by high ranking members of the Russian government.

As reported in our earlier news blast, now that journalist has been forced to flee Russia under alleged threat of arrest.  I guess that means his story must have been true?  From the BBC:

Mikhail Voitenko said he had been told to leave Moscow or face arrest.

The editor of Sovfracht, an online maritime journal, fled on Wednesday, saying he may not be able to return as his life would be in danger. (…)

Speaking to the BBC from Turkey, Mr Voitenko said he had received athreatening phone call from “serious people” whom he suggested may havebeen members of Russia’s intelligence agency, the FSB.

Thecaller told Mr Voitenko that those involved in the mysterious case ofthe Arctic Sea were very angry with him because he had spoken publicly,and were planning on taking action against him, he said.

“Aslong as I am out of Russia I feel safe,” Mr Voitenko told the BBC. “Atleast they won’t be able to get me back to Russia and convict [me].”