Kasyanov Pushed and Shoved by the OMON

kasyanov.jpg A harrowing (and ultimately very sad) scene conveyed by the IHT as the riot police circle in on Mikhail Kasyanov:

Kasyanov, the former prime minister, was surrounded by riot police as he approached the rally on foot. “Everybody should ask themselves what is happening in our government,” Kasyanov said, as the police closed in. “We respect the Constitution and demand the authorities do the same.” “Take them one by one,” a police officer commanded over a bullhorn. The police grabbed Kasyanov’s bodyguards, arresting them, and Kasyanov tumbled backward but was caught by the crowd. “Officers, don’t fulfill illegal orders,” Kasyanov shouted. “Officers, stop!”

arrest_540.jpg Protest organizers are reporting instances of excessive force and police brutality. Video footage of the march can be seen here. omon.jpg Reuters: Special police officers gather near Red Square in central Moscow, April 13, 2007. The centre of Moscow was lined with riot police and armoured trucks on Saturday as the authorities prepared to stop opponents of President Vladimir Putin staging a banned protest. Photo Denis Sinyakov.