Khodorkovsky to View Chevron Data

From the Moscow Times:

Khodorkovsky to View Chevron Data Bloomberg Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the jailed former Yukos CEO, won a U.S. court ruling for access to Chevron research on Yukos as he prepares to defend himself against new charges in Russia. A U.S. district court judge in northern California on Friday accepted that Chevron may have “valuable evidence” that could help Khodorkovsky refute charges of embezzlement and money laundering, lawyers for Khodorkovsky said on their client’s web site. “This is just the beginning of a global evidence-gathering process that is necessary because the procuracy of the Russian Federation is not a fact-gatherer but rather an enforcement arm of a Kremlin bent on consolidating the state theft of Yukos,” lawyer Robert Amsterdam said in a statement. Amsterdam did not say exactly what kind of information Chevron had that may be useful. Khodorkovsky, once the country’s richest man, is serving eight years in a Siberian penal colony for tax evasion and fraud, charges he has repeatedly denied.