Kwaśniewski: Healing Factionalism in Ukraine

The former President of Poland Aleksander Kwaśniewski has a new column about the political crisis in Ukraine, and what can be done to save the advances won by the Orange Revolution.

Three approaches are vital in the preparation and adoption of a new constitutional settlement. First, politicisation, factionalism and any attempt to modernise the constitution in the interests of any one political leader or grouping must be avoided. That is why I warmly welcome President Viktor Yushchenko’s call to declare a moratorium on political quarrels and hope to see his example followed by all parties.

Second, the process must involve and engage ordinaryUkrainians to ensure the new settlement expresses the will of thepeople. And third, preparation of a new constitution should draw ondomestic and international experience and expertise, not to impose anexisting constitutional blueprint but to avoid the pitfalls and harnessthe positive elements of what has been done elsewhere.

Only when the failings in the architecture of theUkrainian state are adequately addressed will Ukrainians enjoy the fullbenefits of the Orange Revolution. That architecture is making a badeconomic situation even worse and is jeopardising Ukraine’s integrationinto the European family. The design of the Ukrainian state must becorrected and strengthened, now.