The Medvedev Party

capt.9fc07b473ab24847b5d9e776f1f66a85.russia_medvedev____mosb121.jpgToday’s news that President Medvedev plans to create his own political party may well be raising an eyebrow or two among commentators.  Apparently backed by éminence grise Vladislav Surkov (whose alleged role certainly demands analysis), this hypothetical new business-oriented party would be led by Nanotech chief Anatoly Chubais, and rival Putin’s behemoth United Russia.  So is this Medvedev’s bid for emancipation from the diarchy?  A logical step in ensuring his modernization agenda yields concrete results?  Another notch in Medvedev’s industry-savvy reputation, perchance, with a ‘business-oriented‘ party?  Wait for tomorrow’s denials…

From Bloomberg:

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev may create a new political party to rival Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s United Russia, Trud reported.

Medvedev’s administration is in charge of creating the new party, the Moscow-based newspaper reported today, without saying where it got the information. Anatoly Chubais, first deputy prime minister under the late President Boris Yeltsin, may become a leader of the as yet unnamed party, Trud said.

Vladislav Surkov, Medvedev’s first deputy chief of staff and chief political strategist, gave his backing to the creation of the party, Trud said. The party will contest national parliamentary elections in 2011, the newspaper said.