More than just Khodorkovsky in prison

Today La Russophobe published an editorial about the legal plight of Mikhail Khodorkovsky, pointing out “It is not Mikhail Khdorokovsky who is in prison, but the Russian people themselves — and they are their own jailer.

During the trial, it seems the prosecutor began reading from a document.  The defense attorney objected, arguing that the contents were secret attorney-client communications.  The judge asked the prosecutor whether she was simply quoting or including her own comments.  The assistant prosecutor told the prosecutor to ignore the judge and keep reading.  The furious judge asked the assistant how she dared suggest ignoring his question, and the assistant answered that it was because people in the audience were laughing.  The judge then responded:  “Well let ’em laugh! If the convoy [Khodorkovsky’s guards–Trans.] deems it necessary, it will stop them.”

So not only do the prosecutors brazenly flout the judge’s authority, but the judge himself admits that the police decide what happens in his courtroom.  In other words, the forces that are prosecuting (or should we say persecuting?) Khodorkovsky are in charge, not the (supposedly) impartial judge.

This is what passes for “justice” in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.