Opposition Musings

The Other Russia coalition is running a comment piece by Olga Malysh on the death of Stanislav Markelov, looking at some of the theories currently being discussed among Russian journalists and human rights activists as to why he was killed.  The piece quotes some thoughts from Novaya Gazeta journalist Yulia Latynina, whose sharp articles (like this one on China) are often linked to on this blog.

Novaya Gazeta columnist Yulia Latynina leans to the theory that right wing radicals, connected with Budanov, killed Markelov.  “This is a case where everything is immediately clear,” she told me, reminding me that “fascists” had already attacked Stanislav for his part in the case against the former colonel.  “Budanov’s heroism consisted in that he raped a young Chechen girl, and the heroism of Markelov and Baburova’s killer in that he shot at defenseless people in the back of the head,” Yulia added.

Read the full article here.