Law Firm to Unveil Investigation into Self-Dealing, Conflicts at Gulen Charter Schools, Will Refer Findings to State Auditor

The following press release was circulated to media today in Columbus, Ohio: COLUMBUS — Amsterdam & Partners, an international law firm, will detail findings of its investigation into 17 Ohio-based charter schools tied to Fethullah Gulen, a Turkish cleric living in exile in Pennsylvania. The findings will show misuse of public funds for illegal private […]

Victim of Romanian Political Persecution Alexander Adamescu Retains Lawyer Robert Amsterdam

The following press release was distributed to media today. WASHINGTON DC, 11 October 2016 — The son of the well-known Romanian businessman Dan Adamescu has engaged the international lawyer Robert Amsterdam to fight back against the politically motivated persecution by the government of Romania. Alexander Adamescu was arrested in London on 13 June 2016 before […]

At Gülen’s Magnolia Schools, the Math Doesn’t Add Up

Magnolia Public Schools, one of the crown jewels of Fethullah Gülen’s U.S. charter school empire, prides itself on a rigorous math and science curriculum. But despite all their boasting of excellence in these subjects, the school’s finances display some incredibly shady calculus. Like all charter schools, Magnolia’s ten institutions in California receive their funding from […]

Canada’s Extraordinary Naïveté toward Fethullah Gülen

The reputation of Canada as an eternally modest, earnest, and polite people is more often an illusion than a fact. Especially when it comes to diplomacy and foreign affairs, we strive to pursue our own nuanced path as compared to our Southern neighbor, and in fact this “smarter” approach to geopolitics is a source of […]

Thai Democracy – A Public Execution In Two Parts

For Thai democracy Winter isn’t coming – it’s already been here for ten years. The deep freeze of the Thai people’s most basic freedoms and liberties began not after the May 2014 coup which installed the present military regime but on September 19th 2006. It was on that warm Bangkok night ten years ago today […]

An Affront to Rule of Law in Brazil

Today Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff was impeached and removed from office. She did not face a court of law or a judge, but rather a trial before her peers in Congress, 60% of whom are facing formal criminal charges themselves. My view on the this flawed impeachment process and what it means for Brazil, was […]