Departures Podcast with Joanna Chiu, author of ‘China Unbound: A New World Disorder’

In early December, the administration of US President Joe Biden convened a mostly virtual democracy summit, in which some of the world’s largest economies were invited to participate and provide a clear framing of the agenda – and a clear poke in the eye of China and Russia. In response, Chinese state media trolled Biden […]

Second Open Letter to Chief Sloly of the Ottawa Police Services Regarding Volgemut Case

Yesterday, on Monday, December 14, a letter was sent from lawyers Brian Greenspan of Greenspan Humphrey Weinstein LLP and Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Partners to Chief Peter Sloly of the Ottawa Police Services regarding his department’s refusal to fulfill an arrest warrant ordered by the Superior Court of Justice that would have protected their […]

Departures Podcast with Daniel Deudney, author of ‘Dark Skies: Space Expansionism, Planetary Geopolitics, & the Ends of Humanity’

Faced with challenging and intractable problems from climate change to civil conflicts to terrorism, it is tempting for many of us to look to the heavens, with billionaires pouring their resources into space exploration, expansion, and even dreams of colonization.  But this is a major mistake, argues Professor Daniel Deudney of Johns Hopkins University in […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – December 2, 2021

Today in Russia: Blinken and Lavrov meet while sparring over Ukraine continues; Beware high impact sanctions!; Lukashenko says “joint union currency” will be a ruble…but which ruble?; Central African Republic: Russia’s latest area of influence? Novatek to ship LNG to China via Japan to tap into growing small-end user market

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – December 1, 2021

Today in Russia: Putin says his “right” to run again in 2024 gives stability, but too early to say; COVID-19 restrictions in Russia increased; Russia says Ukraine massing troops; Some US Embassy staff in Moscow to be forced to leave by 31 January in retaliation; US professor deported from Russia after his home institution declared undesirable; Russia to develop an AI-powered ‘protest detector”

Departures Podcast with Rebecca Tapscott, author of ‘Arbitrary States: Social Control and Modern Authoritarianism in Museveni’s Uganda’

Yoweri Museveni’s 35 years of iron-gripped ruthless authoritarianism in Uganda did not take place in a vacuum. It has instead been a years-long process of converting the country’s institutions into instruments of arbitrary power, which has been fueled by a series of targeted moves to destabilize the social coordination that would be needed to hold […]