Open Letter to President of Cameroon Paul Biya

Following the appointment of Amsterdam & Partners LLP by Maurice Kamto and the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), Robert Amsterdam is sending the following open letter to President Paul Biya to put government officials on notice that any violations of human rights of protesters participating in tomorrow’s nationwide marches will result in a full range of […]

Amsterdam & Partners LLP Retained by Maurice Kamto and the Cameroon Renaissance Movement

WASHINGTON, DC 21 September 2020 – Professor Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM), the main opposition party in Cameroon, has retained the international law firm of Amsterdam & Partners LLP to defend, inter alia, the constitutional and internationally guaranteed rights of Cameroonians who will be participating in the peaceful nationwide protests, beginning […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – September 21, 2020

Today in Russia: More than 230 detained in Belarus protests; 10th straight Saturday of protest in Khabarovsk; New charges added for Bykov; Aeroflot to sell more shares; FinCEN’s leak and the ICIJ report; Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan flights to resume from Russia; Russian moves in Syria

Departures Podcast with Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson

The deepening economic inequality being experienced in the United States has brought with it considerable cultural and political problems, the most interesting being the popularity of the Republican Party among lower income groups, despite a policy agenda that is decidedly hostile to their own economic interests. The answer, argue political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – September 17, 2020

Today in Russia: Lukashenko says he asked Putin for weapons, Kremlin says it wasn’t discussed; Navalny likely poisoned from a bottle of water in his hotel room, not tea in airport as initially thought; Another international body will study Navalny lab results; European Parliament passes Navalny resolution calling for sanctions; President Lukashenko? Not acccording to European Parliament; Germany’s pre-Navalny offer to US on NordStream 2; Poland wants to arrest Russian air traffic controllers over 2010 disaster – Kremlin “negatively assesses” this plan

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – September 16, 2020

Today in Russia: Navalny posts first photo since poisoning; Putin and Lukashenko meeting; Shoigu in Minsk after “Slavic-Brotherhood 2020 exercises”; Jailed nationalist “Tesak” found dead in prison cell in apparent suicide; How Navalny ruined Lavrov’s recent trips; More trust for Putin than Trump; CAPTCHA hampers election analysis; One in seven Russian vaccine recipients see side-effects