Departures Podcast with Edward Schatz

Often overlooked, the nations of Central Asia represent a highly important geostrategic region of the world with abundant mineral and energy wealth – and yet, US diplomatic efforts in these countries are way behind the larger neighbors of Russia and China. Part of this lack of engagement has to do with how America – at […]

International Women’s Day: A day of celebration or mourning?

Have you ever asked yourselves why we do celebrate Women’s Day every year? Yes, yes, I know… International Women’s Day (IWD) is celebrated on March 8 every year in almost all the countries around the world, marking that women gained right to vote in Russia in 1917 after which March 8 officially became a national […]

Departures Podcast with Ethan Zuckerman

At some point, people stopped believing that electing the right leaders and passing the right laws was the most effective way to achieve social change. Since at least the 1970s, people have been rapidly losing faith in government, democracy, big banks, big corporations, organized religion, and other institutions which were thought to help give order […]

Departures Podcast with Robert D. Kaplan

It may be hard for many of our listeners to believe, but once upon a time US foreign policy could offer glimmers of astonishing humanitarianism, which was the case over the epic career of Robert (Bob) Gersony. While other literary references have framed the actors leading US foreign interventions as “quiet” or “ugly,” Gersony’s life […]

The Commonwealth Should Investigate Tanzania’s Failure to Respond to COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic is a global emergency that has cost hundreds of thousands of lives globally. Even when governments make their best effort at preserving the life and well-being of their populations by enacting sensible measures to decrease the spread of the disease and working to procure vaccines as quickly as possible, COVID-19 has proven […]

Coup Plotters Are Not Victims. A Letter to US Senate on Turkey.

Today the following letter was delivered to the offices of Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR), Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) as well as the other co-signers of their February 9, 2021 letter to President Joe Biden on the subject of relations with the Republic of Turkey. Letter to US Senators on the Republic of Turkey | February […]