Departures Podcast with Sean McFate

The United States spends trillions on its military, but are we really achieving stronger national security? Not really, says Sean McFate, the author of The New Rules of War, an incisive exploration of what it takes to win today’s wars. In his conversation with host Robert Amsterdam, McFate argues that the US has become obsessed with […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 29, 2020

Today in Russia: Moscow death count doubled amid scrutiny; Satellite and social media images seem to confirm Russian airpower sent to Libya; Vedomosti sale complete; 20 more arrested protesting arrest of journalist; Russia trying to keep up in vaccine race; “Freak heat wave” in Siberia; Ship travels through Arctic without icebreaker assistance Russian jets scrambled over Black Sea; Can Russia spark a domestic tourism boom with borders shut?; Drop in outflow of tourists to help Ruble

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 28, 2020

Today in Russia: Journalists arrested for protesting the arrest of a journalist who protested the jailing of a whistleblower; Russia finds new way to lower cases – stop counting asymptomatic; US Military: Russia sent 14 MiG 29s and Su-24s to Libya; Russia could face 7.5 percent drop in GDP; Moscow Mayor says restrictions to stay in place until vaccine; Libya to fall under “spheres of influence?”; Roscosmos chief believes SpaceX and Musk are up to no good on Mars; New Nordstream 2 sanctions from US possible, Russia says no affect on plans

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 27, 2020

Today in Russia: Moscow self-isolation regime extended to June 14; COVID-19 information chief: “It’s All Bullsh*t”; Sen. Rubio zeroed in on Russian disinformation; Russia cutting or ramping up oil production?; Illegal European cheese seized; Russian fighters make “unsafe” maneuvers on US spy plane over Mediterranean after accusations fly in Libya; US can’t “win” arms race against Russia and China; Unemployment up 2.5 times since before pandemic; Kadyrov declares himself “absolutely healthy”

Departures Podcast with Jeffrey Smith

There are a lot of pundits out there declaring democracy promotion to be dead on arrival in the Trump era. But there’s still an important community of activists fighting for the cause against the odds and even winning. “Democracy matters and democratic leadership matters, even in the face of a fast-moving crisis like the coronavirus,” […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 26, 2020

Today in Russia: Victory Day on June 24; US accuses Russia of sending fighter jets to Libya; Poll: Confidence in government virus management down; Russian gas flows to Europe plunge along with prices; Physical crude prices recovering; Kremlin says OPEC+ taking wait-and-see approach on continued cuts; Russia overtakes Saudi Arabia as largest oil supplier to China; Kadyrov reappears post-COVID infection – maybe?; Russians told not to holiday overseas; Roscosmos and NASA; Small businesses “left out in the cold”; Suspiciously enormous grain exports to Belarus; Lavrov piles onto Open Skies debate