With World’s Attention on Pandemic, India Tightens Grip on Jammu and Kashmir

Last week, New Delhi announced another controversial law which prescribes the procedure for issuance of a domicile certificate, which is a mandatory requirement for seeking jobs in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IOJK). The new residency rules of ‘Jammu and Kashmir Grant of Domicile Certificate (Procedure), 2020’ allows those who have lived in IOJK for 15 […]

What the Pandemic is Revealing about Public Health Spending in Africa

While the COVID-19 pandemic has rampaged through the United States, thus far, the far more vulnerable countries in sub-Saharan Africa have largely been spared the worst of the impact. From as early as February 2020, scientists in Asia, Europe and North America began to voice confusion as to why Africa had so far been relatively […]

Departures Podcast with Stephen Krasner

If engineering democracy abroad is next to impossible, and autocrats will not accept reforms that could cause them to lose power, how can the US engage with illiberal regimes without enabling them? This question is at the center of Dr. Stephen Krasner’s most recent book, How to Make Love to a Despot: An Alternative Foreign […]

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 22, 2020

Today in Russia: 8,894 new cases; Significant increase” in deaths in May expected; Putin fears second wave of COVID-19; US coronavirus aid totals $5.6 million from banned USAID; Lab says 14% of Russians have antibodies; “Trump is right” to ditch Open Skies; Medvedev blasts US for Open Skies pull-out; Putin “presses plan to extend rule”; 5 more years for Sechin; Russia “Grabs Mideast Peace Initiative”; “Liberalized” visa system coming 2021; COVID-19 voting changes could be “very bad”

RA’s Daily Russia News Blast – May 21, 2020

Today in Russia: US military plane arrives in Moscow with ventilators in tow; Kadyrov catches COVID-19; Rosneft’s $610m suit against RBC; Dagestan’s fudged numbers; US to withdraw from Open Skies Treaty, Russia prepares “Plan B”; Navalny warns “rage is brewing”; Russia floats summit between US and Palestinians; COVID-19 and Russia’s Asian energy ambition; Moscow quarantining antibody-positive patients; Putin wants things to get back to normal – not so fast; Budget rule will not be abolished; “Oil soaring almost everywhere”; Russia-Japan bickering over islands reignites

Departures Podcast with Kim Dotcom

In just a few short months, the global coronavirus crisis has already shown its power to reshape the world, as many professionals shift to working from home (some permanently), and as we watch how technology plays a larger and larger role in our day to day lives. One party that benefits greatly from this trend? […]