Press Release: Lawyer for George Bachiashvili Denounces Politically Motivated Charges

The following press release was issued to media today from Amsterdam & Partners LLP: LONDON, JULY 6, 2023 – Following the announcement by the Prosecutor’s Office of Georgia of the filing of criminal charges against entrepreneur George Bachiashvili for alleged misappropriation of cryptocurrency and legalization of illegal income, Mr. Bachiashvili’s legal team at Amsterdam & […]

Departures Podcast featuring Frank Costigliola, author of ‘Kennan: A Life between Worlds’

George F. Kennan is arguably the most important American diplomat of the modern era, whose “long telegram” and strategy of containment shaped the Cold War and postwar period. And yet, at critical moments later in his career, he was cast aside and shut out by the institutions he once led. In his new book, “Kennan: […]

Departures Podcast featuring Dawn Murphy, author of ‘China’s Rise in the Global South’

As China and the U.S. increasingly compete for power in key areas of U.S. influence across the Middle East and African continent, competition has grown in linear succession, and is increasingly adversarial. Often cynical of Chinese involvement and intentions, the U.S. points to blunders of the Belt and Road initiative, fears of neocolonialism, and the […]

Departures Podcast featuring Karen Friedman Agnifilo

There is no historical precedent for a former US president who is facing a more complicated web of both civil and criminal liabilities than Donald Trump, let alone for a former president who again intends to run in the upcoming election. To help sort through this mess and understand what the cases mean and what […]

Departures Podcast with Samuel Ramani, author of ‘Russia in Africa’

Amid a slew of headlines highlighting Vladimir Putin’s efforts to expand Russia’s footprint in Africa since the beginning of the Ukraine war, a certain narrative is emerging regarding Moscow’s aims, tactics, and results in this crucial but often neglected region. Is Russia’s presence in Africa a threatening menace or merely an empty gesture? As it […]

Departures Podcast featuring Charles Dunst, author of ‘Defeating the Dictators: How Democracy Can Prevail in the Age of the Strongman’

Democracy, in terms of its branding, has had a fairly rough decade. Numerous authors we have had on this podcast have highlighted and explained its global decline, discussed the expansion of nationalist movements which have eaten away at rule of law and institutional integrity, and the frustrating resilience of some of the world’s most established […]