Political Superheroes

11medvedevbearsuit.jpgThe above is an image from the brilliant Superputin comic strip, rumored to be ‘part of a behind the scenes campaign‘ or ‘commissioned by the Kremlin‘ to keep political focus on the ruling tandem – increasingly important as liberal parties seek to gain footholds ahead of upcoming elections.  It does certainly have a whiff of Kremlin involvement to it.  An independent project could surely find a more inspiring choice of hero in the likes of former Prime Minister Mikhail Kasyanov, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov, former Duma Deputy Vladimir Ryzhkov or former Deputy Energy Minister Vladimir Milov.  These political renegades, currently seeking to break the ongoing monotony of Putin power with their Party of People’s Freedom, may not have the wildlife or technology credentials of the ruling tandem, but isn’t there something vaguely superheroic about the attempt to alter history?  Just saying.