Prokhorov’s Apology to Putin

The great oligarch soap opera continues as billionaire Mikhail Prokhorov “apologizes” to Vladimir Putin following the Prime Minister’s sharp, personal attack against him last week, in which he scapegoated Prokhorov for under-investing in the power sector.  From Reuters:

“The prime minister had the full picture. We had indeed delayed the construction of several plants for technical reasons,” Prokhorov told a news conference in the government after meeting Putin for the first time since the incident. Prokhorov was attending the Winter Olympic Games in Canada during Putin’s attack. Speaking to Russian media in Paris on Tuesday Prokhorov said Putin was misinformed. In Moscow he said his Paris comments were “taken out of context”.

I suspect that his first reaction was the most honest and correct one.  What a rough week!  This comes after losing a $53 million deposit on a French villa.  Following the Oleg Deripaska model of public apology, we should see the billionaire back in business quite swiftly.