Putin as Renaissance Man

renaissanceman.jpgPrime Minister Vladimir Putin has donated a painting to charity, but don’t blame him for the Ukrainian detailing on the window curtains.  Here is a link to the auction website – I wonder if Putin’s painting will garner the highest bid?

The Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin has gone from Macho Man to Renaissance Man as he displays his art skills for a Russian audience getting used to being told of his many and varied talents. (…)

While it is signed in his name, V Putin, at the top left of the picture, it is clear that the work in acrylic paint was ‘touched up’ by Nadezhda Anfalova, a noted Russian artist who is coordinating the auction on Saturday to raise funds for a local hospital, a cancer unit and a church restoration project in St Petersburg, his home city.

She is said to have ‘improved’ the curtains, which, perhaps embarrassingly given the current conflict, are decorated with a red Ukrainian pattern.