Reflexive, Conditioned, Uncontrolled

Streetwise Professor hits one out of the park on the Putin murder accusation: 

Completely ignoring the actual crimes for which Khordokovsky has been convicted and charged, Putin asserted that Khodorkovsky was guilty of five murders because the former Yukos head’s chief of security was convicted of murder of Yukos foes.  Khodorkovsky has not been charged in connection with, let alone convicted of, these crimes.

Setting aside the dubious nature of any conviction in a politically charged case in Russia (note the forced resignations from the Constitutional Court, and their implications for the Russian justice system), Putin may not want to be subjected to the same standard of “proof” as he applies to Khodorkovsky.  After all, if benefiting from the murders of opponents carried out by security personnel under one’s command is sufficient to make one guilty of murder, just think of how many murders can be laid at Putin’s feet?