Russia to Open Arms Factories in Venezuela


Another less than encouraging bit of news from Russia’s burgeoning “strategic cooperation” with Venezuela:

Russia to Start Work on Venezuela Kalashnikov Plants in October Aug. 6 (Bloomberg) — Russia will start building two plants in October to make Kalashnikov assault rifles in Venezuela, the first country to win a production license for the guns since the fall of the Soviet Union. Production of the AK-103 in Venezuela is scheduled to begin “by the end of 2009 or the start of 2010,” said Vladimir Grodetsky, head of state-run arms maker Izhmash. One plant will produce AK-103 assault rifles and the other will produce .762 caliber bullets, Grodetsky said in an interview today in Izhevsk, the central Russian city where Izhmash is based.

Full article here, RIA Novosti coverage here.