A Worker’s Shooting Spree for “Putin’s Plan”

The following is an exclusive English translation of a recent article from NewsRu.com.  Apparently the United States isn’t the only country where someone can “go postal” with a machine gun, but in this case, the poor guy seemed to believe he was helping to fulfill “Putin’s Plan.”  Stay tuned for a comment from our infamous (and infrequent) Polittechnologist.

Blue-collar worker who shot at colleagues “according to Putin’s Plan” goes on trial outside Yaroslavl

An investigation has been completed in Yaroslavl Oblast in relation to a killer-schizophrenic who was putting the notorious “Putin’s Plan” into practice. True, he was doing this in his own unique way, “killing coloreds”. Victims of the psychopath became two co-workers.Sitting on the defendants’ bench is 25 year old blue-collar worker of the “Slavutich” plant workshop for the production of polyethylene bags Ivan Vasilievich Dvornikov, reports “Novy region”. The Pereyaslavl-Zalessky resident is being charged with the murder of two persons, whom he shot to death with a sawed-off hunting gun.

Only now have investigators made public the merciless killer’s motives.As it turned out, with the help of a sawed-off gun, the blue-collarworker, ill with schizophrenia, was carrying out the not-unknown”Putin’s Plan”, according to which, as he imagined to himself, peopleare divided into those from whom black radiance emanates, and coloreds.The latter must without fail be “wasted in the shithouse”, that iskilled.

Dvornikov prepared painstakingly for the crime. He brought thedismantled sawed-off gun through in parts to his workplace in a bag,and then assembled it in the break room.

The “loyal Putinite” arranged the carnage at production on 28 July ofthe year 2008. Then he shot his colleagues Oleinikov and Andreyevpoint-blank. In so doing, Ivan Vasilievich was absolutely certain ofhis rightness: in his opinion, he was carrying out a state order.

Having changed blood-spattered clothing for fresh, Dvornikov reportedwith pride to the other blue-collar workers: “Call the police, I killedcoloreds”.

To investigators, the detainee clarified that for all his efforts, hehad not been able to put “Putin’s Plan” into practice. “There were manyyellows and greens running around the enterprise. But I only had twobullets”, – said the “defender of sovereign interests”.

Such explanations, in conjunction with the momentous reference to”Putin’s Plan”, evoked in the detectives bewilderment and a desire todemonstrate political indifference. “He (Dvornikov) spoke about somekind of plan of Putin’s, – recounted senior investigator of thePereslavsky inter-rayon investigative branch Ivan Kudryashov. -Apparently, according to the plan, people are divided into those fromwhom emanates black radiance, and coloreds. Coloreds, according to themythical plan, need to be killed”.

The public defender appeared to Dvornikov to be “colored” as well. Buthere, thank god, things passed by without blood, reports “RodнойGoroд.ru”.

The killer’s cellmate was less lucky: Ivan Vasilievich nearly stabbed[him] to death with a ball-point pen. “Being found in the temporaryholding isolator, he inflicted 10 blows in the region of the neck tohis cellmate, – clarifies Ivan Kudryashov. – It seemed to Dvornikovthat his neighbor too was not of the right color”.

In the words of the investigator, Ivan Vasilievich was intending tokill the “infidel”, but a third cellmate was able to drag the”shock-worker of Putin’s Plan” away from the latest victim in time.

A forensic medical examination found Dvornikov ill with schizophrenia.