Russia’s Anti-Narco Video Games


We haven’t heard from our Russian colleague, The Polittechnologist, for quite a while now. Just recently, he brought our attention to the official website of the Federal Service of the Russian Federation for Control over the Narcotics Trade, which is now offering two exciting new computer games in its never-ending struggle against narcotics.

Antinarcotic games

Computer game “Antinarcomania”

About the game: Antinarcotic computer game for schoolchildren. “Antinarcomania” belongs to the genre “Arkad” [Arcade] with elements of the genre “Pazzl” [Puzzle], which assumes both a high dynamic of play and the necessity of thinking through constantly arising complex situations and thoroughly planning one’s actions for their resolution. The game possesses an interesting and topical plot, a not-ordinary playing process, aimed both at the creation of a maximal dynamic of what is taking place, and at the development of the creative thinking of the player, is totally dedicated to the theme of the struggle with narcotics and to propaganda of a healthy lifestyle, in which there is no place for narcotics.

Computer game “Combatant of the spetsnaz of the FSKN of Russia”

About the game: «Combatant of the spetsnaz of the FSKN [Federal service for control over the turnover of narcotics]of Russia» – a high-technology game with an interesting plot and acaptivating play process in the genre «Ekshn» [Action], based on animportant problem of contemporary society, so far not having foundsufficient coverage in computer games. The aggregate of thetechnologies used, the interesting and topical plot, the highinteractivity of the environment and the high probability of a repeatrun through the game by one person allow counting on success amongplayers and the press. The genre of the Game assumes a high dynamic ofthe playing process, a totally three-dimensional environment, a largequantity of personages in the game and a plot line easily accessiblefor understanding. From an agent embedded into a group of Russianmafiosi servicing the shipments of a narcocartel, information isreceived by the FSKN of Russia on deliveries of heroin by marinetransport. The agent transmits the approximate coordinates of the placeof the transfer of the goods, which is supposed to take place adjacentto a desolate workers’ settlement on the Pacific Ocean coast of Russia.According to the information of the agent, the narcotic is planned tobe distributed on the entire territory of the country.