Russia’s Foreign Ministry Attacks US Foreign Policy, Again

Russia’s foreign ministry has just released a 70-page strategy paper repeating many of the hostile perspectives toward U.S. foreign policy as expressed by Vladimir Putin during the Munich security conference speech. While it is difficult to disagree with the many of the paper’s statements on the escalating situation with Iran (although accusing Washington of causing a “clash of civilizations” is not exactly constructive), it is the other components of Russian foreign policy that they are seeking to piggyback on this popular anti-Americanism that should cause concern, such as energy policy, arms sales, Kosovo independence, and economic and political interference in the former satellites, among others. From the IHT:

Russia assails U.S. global policy, warns against attacking Iran in foreign strategy paper MOSCOW: Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Tuesday sharply criticized the United States for what it called over-reliance on force and warned Washington against military action against Iran. But in a major review of foreign policy priorities, the ministry said Moscow was ready to cooperate to end global crises if Washington treats it as an equal partner. The 70-page document, echoing a tough speech by President Vladimir Putin in Germany last month, reaffirms Russia’s determination to challenge the United States when it feels it has to — despite Moscow’s recent decision to increase pressure on Iran’s nuclear program. The statement reflects Russia’s growing confidence and economic clout, and appears to be a signal to Washington that, while the two nations can work together, Russia will not always follow the U.S. lead. The document also plays to national pride in advance of parliamentary and presidential elections. “The international community mustn’t take risks connected to the escalation of the situation around Iran until the United States takes sincere, conscientious efforts to normalize its relations with Tehran,” the ministry said. “Attempts to label Tehran as part of an ‘axis of evil’ and statements about the need for a regime change in Tehran … exacerbate the situation.” Russia criticized what it called “the creeping American strategy of dragging the global community into a large-scale crisis around Iran,” saying that Tehran helps maintain stability in Afghanistan and Central Asia. … The Foreign Ministry also warned that Russia would defend its economic and political interests in other former Soviet nations. The statement also bristled at Western criticism of Moscow’s record on democracy and human rights. “A strong an increasingly confident Russia has become an important part of positive changes in the world,” the ministry declared. “The balance of forces and competitive environment lost in the end of the Cold War are being gradually restored. The myth about a unipolar world has collapsed irrevocably in Iraq.”

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