Russia’s Foreign Policy Top Ten

Writing in the Moscow Times, Fyodor Lukyanov lists the ten key events that, in his opinion, had the biggest impact on Russia’s foreign policy over the last 12 months. Interestingly, the recent regime overthrow in Kyrgyzstan and Russia’s lack of strong reaction to the coup tops his list:

Kyrgyzstan was the first post-Soviet republic to be almost officially described as a “failed state.” Russia’s restraint and the indifference of other major powers surprised observers, who had expected to see another geopolitical battle. The post-Soviet region has ceased to be a subject of universal interest. Washington, Beijing and Brussels have actually recognized Moscow’s political supremacy in this part of the world. But Russia’s “imperial instincts” are waning. At present, Moscow understands that it does not have the political, military or legal instruments required for acting in such situations.