Telephones, Beer, and Oil

baltika111008.jpgWay to Russia blog has published a list of the top ten most valuable Russian brands. It’s interesting to see Rosneft ranked up there so high, when only five years ago it was practically a non-entity before swallowing up Yukos. It’s also interesting to note that only two of the brands are state-owned (though Alfa Bank may soon be Kremlin run), and that Gazprom is conspicuously absent. (the figures are US$ billion)

1. Beeline, telecom, $7.4

2. MTS, telecom, $6.9

3. Baltika, beer, $2.4

4. LukOil, oil, $1.1

5. Rosneft, oil, $0.8

6. Megafon, telecom, $0.6

7. Sberbank, fiinance, $0.4

8. Alfa bank, finance, $0.38

9. Pyaterochka, retail, $0.35

10. NTV, media, $0.33