The Fog of War

For several days now we’ve been inundated with reports on whether or not Syria used chemical weapons on its own people, and if so, did such an order come down from the top or was it the actions of rogue officer?

Caught this bit in a Foreign Policy piece on the interception of phone calls by U.S. military:

Nor are U.S. analysts sure of the Syrian military’s rationale for launching the strike — if it had a rationale at all. Perhaps it was a lone general putting a long-standing battle plan in motion; perhaps it was a miscalculation by the Assad government. Whatever the reason, the attack has triggered worldwide outrage, and put the Obama administration on the brink of launching a strike of its own in Syria. “We don’t know exactly why it happened,” the intelligence official added. “We just know it was pretty fucking stupid.”

Pretty much sums up everything about this profoundly sad situation.  Let’s hope everybody gets smarter, real fast.