The 1,000th Post Milestone


A small round of congratulations are in order. Below, with Derek Brower’s think piece on resource nationalism, my blog has finally hit 1,000 posts in just a little over 11 months since inception! We also have 473 German language articles and 33 French articles, and a robust and growing readership. I’d like to express my profound gratitude to everyone who has helped this project come along, including my editor, the great Grigory Pasko, energy experts Derek Brower and Tom Nicholls, the anonymous polittechnologist, our dedicated translators, and everyone in Russia and beyond who have volunteered and helped contribute to our content. Most of all, I send the biggest thanks out to you, dear reader, for your continued interest and consideration in these issues and opinions. In the fall I hope to ramp up my efforts in this space and invite more and more people to collaborate, so hopefully we can hit our target of 2,000 posts sooner rather than later. Thanks again to everyone!