The Fight Comes to the FSB Doorstep

Good suggestions from a random citizen, interviewed by the Financial Times:

Mikhail Ivanov, a Muscovite standing near the same metro station, said he hoped the bombings would teach law enforcers that they needed to do a better job protecting the Russian people.

“The bombing at Lubyanka, right in front of the eyes of the [Federal Security Service building and the former home of the KGB], was a good lesson for them. Now they will have to come up with better safety measures for the city,” he said.

“They need to set up better video cameras and have more people monitoring the stations,” Ms Vinogradova said.

This was not the first time major transportation networks have been struck by terrorists inside Russia – so what is being done in terms of preventive policies?  Will there be more plans for checkpoints, bomb-detecting dogs, closed-circuit cameras, or surveillance agents on the trains?  It’s an opportunity for the Russian government to be more open and engage transparently with the citizens of Moscow about public safety measures … however it seems unlikely that that will happen.