The Human Potemkin Village

georgewill.jpgGeorge Will seems to be testing some new comedic material in one of his latest columns, bruising the Obama administration over making a priority of getting a nukes treaty with Russia.  He calls Dmitry Medvedev a “human potemkin village” (which we think may be taking things a little far … see our recent video of expert interviews), and argues that given Nicholas Eberstadt’s recent articles about Russia depopulation and alcoholism, there’s really not quite so much of a need for Obama to focus on giving away the farm to Russia.

This blog has frequently written about the need for a more expansive dialogue on values beyond just security and defense issues, but the idea that just because Russia is drunk and dying that they couldn’t sell one of their 2,000+ nuclear warheads to an extremist is a little hard to swallow.

I always thought George Will’s older material was much more funny – like his passionate denunciation of blue jeans and climate change denial.