The March Was a Victory for Opponents of Vladimir Putin, says Kasparov

Here are Garry Kasparov’s comments to the media following his court hearing today:

“Today the regime showed its true colours, its true face,” said Kasparov, who turned 44 on Friday, and is one of the leaders of Other Russia. “I believe this was a great victory for the opposition because people got through and the march happened,” he said to applause from about 10 supporters carrying roses. Kasparov was defiant and spoke confidently during a brief adjournment in his court hearing. He was accompanied by his lawyer, Karina Moskalenko. “We were arrested when we were doing nothing. There was no action. We were just walking along,” he told about 20 reporters. … “There was simply a criminal attack by people in riot-police uniforms on Russian citizens who were just walking along,” he said. “Every possible (procedural) violation has been committed, from the moment we were grabbed up to this court.” Kasparov then returned inside the court building. “I have to go back in now, because if I’m late they’ll charge me with another violation.”