The Politkovskaya Trial Redux

Looks like the procuracy is going to have to take a mulligan on the trial of Anna Politkovskaya’s killers.  The Supreme Court issued a decision today overturning the not guilty verdict for Sergei Khajikurbanov, Ibrahim Makhmudov and Dzhebrayl Makhmudov, which Karinna Moskalenko calls “part of the game.”  The Financial Times has the story:

Neither the murderer, nor the person who ordered the contract-style killing, have been found.

“It is desirable that this case is brought to an end, it is a question of honour,” Pavel Krasheninnikov, head of the parliament’s civil law committee, told Interfax. “Politkovskaya was a person of conscience, it is important for everybody that her killer is found.”

Karinna Moskalenko, who represented Ms Politkovskaya’s family in the trial, said the murder investigation had been inadequate and the victim’s rights had been violated.

“We need answers to difficult, but at the same time simple questions. “Who ordered the killing, who financed the killing and who carried it out?” she said.