The Tangerine Revolution

boos032510.jpgAs soon as you get some fruit involved, you know that Russia’s political unrest is starting to get serious.  From the Financial Times on the Kaliningrad protest movement:

Many Kaliningraders had trouble explaining the exact correspondence of the tangerine to their protest demands, but the general notion was that this humble citrus fruit somehow resembled their governor, Georgy Boos, who seemingly wears too much television make-up or has gone overboard with the spray-on tan.

Chanting “Boos resign!” and holding their tangerines aloft, the protesters gradually drifted away after about an hour. The unfortunate Mr Boos was left spluttering at a press conference later that he would not yield to the “1 or 2 per cent” of the population that wanted to see him ousted, and would serve out his term. (…)

“Now the crisis is coming to regions which didn’t feel it a year ago,” says Mr Petrov. “The famous Putin social contract, political passivity in exchange for a rising standard of living, is coming to an end.”

The delightfully crass photo comes from the blog “Independence for Kaliningrad,” one of many new sites popping up to document these developments.