The Vampire Protection Society


So everybody knows that Vladimir Milov’s opposition party PARNAS was recently denied the right to compete in Duma elections, as the electoral authorities claimed that there were errors on the registration paperwork.  So even if the liberal democracy-leaning community is small, they won’t even get the chance to show how many votes they could get.

Vampires, on the other hand, are apparently looking to avoid that fate, as they scramble to set up some protection for their community through the registration of their own organization.  According to, a group has put forth the paperwork to establish the “Youth Front for Vampire Protection,” which will work to protect the rights of non-humans and other creatures that officially, for lack of a better description, don’t even exist.  No word yet if zombies will be protected by the group (don’t take it personally, Dan Drezner).

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A front for the protection of vampires is soon to appear in Russia

Shortly in Russia a front for the protection of vampires and other nonhumans will be established. The registration of the organization has already begun in St. Petersburg, according to a press release gathered by “” The idea for the creation of the front belongs to the founders of the social network, aimed at those who consider themselves vampires, elves and goblins.

According to the founders of the organization to protect the rightsof nonhumans, the wish to help and protect vampires and otherrepresentatives of evil forces impelled them to register the front. “Therights of such persons have not been protected to date; society mostlyrelates to them in a negative way. Our task is to change thissituation,” outlined the authors of the project.

According to the leaders of social networks for vampires the charterof the new organization is ready and after the rest of the preparationof documentation is completed, the package of papers will be submittedfor registration with the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation.

It is expected that this will happen within a month.It is not known how much time it will take to register the front forthe protection of vampires. In the meantime, any who wish to can leavetheir signature in support of the organization. You can do it here.