Today in Russian Business – April 6, 2012

On a visit to Tolyatti to attend the launch of the new Lada Largus passenger car, Prime Minister Putin told the press that he believes state officials should only use Russian-made cars.  Reuters reports on how US retailing giant Wal-Mart Stores has missed a trick in Russia, due to its concerns over red tape.  The government is apparently introducing new measures to make registering a patent cost the same amount for foreigners as for Russians.  VTB offshoot TransCreditBank reportedly hopes to increase net profits by 50% this year to $424 million.  Consumer services giant Sistema plans to sell 5% of its health clinic chain Medsi Group to the city of Moscow in exchange for stakes in the capital’s medical assets and investment funds for cash, in a $408 million deal.  The Kremlin has approved a new bill designed to entice foreign investors into the insurance sector.  The Moscow Times interviews French businesswoman Florence Gervais d’Aldin about her entry into the Russian flower market.