Today in Russian Business – June 11, 2012

Tycoon Vladimir Lisin, who has gained media attention with plans to offer $1 million as reward to every Russian athlete who wins gold at the 2012 Olympic games, has been subject to scrutiny of a less favorable kind as it emerged the company he owns recently transported weapons to Syria.  Forbes reports on how the Russian government is shoring up its vulnerable companies against the possibility of eurozone crisis spillage.  Standards and Poor’s ratings agency has warned that rapid loan growth in Russia might lead to a spike in bad loans and capital shortages in the financial sector.  VTB-owned Bank of Moscow has posted a net profit of $752.93 million in 2011 after making a loss one year prior.  For Bank St Petersburg however, recent times have proved less profitable.  Russian car sales remain robust with double-digit growth year on year in May.  The agriculture ministry in Russia’s southern Stavropol region has declared a state of emergency in eight of its 26 districts because of drought.  The Moscow Times reports on how shortages in medicine are affecting sufferers of TB.