Today in Russian Business – May 18, 2012

Russia’s biggest vanmaker, Deripaska-controlled GAZ, has seen an impressive four-fold rise in net profit in 2011 to $274.87 million and is hoping to achieve financial results on a par in 2012.  State airline Aeroflot has recorded a near doubling in net profit in 2011 to $491 million.  The Economist examines the Russian Internet market, which according to them ‘looks more like China’s than either resembles anything in the West’.  Investment group Summa is reportedly negotiating with tycoon Sergei Generalov on the possibility of acquiring his transport group FESCO in a deal that could be worth around $1 billion.  Putin has made clear his plans to regenerate the Far East: could creating a new capital in Vladivostock be a prong in this strategy?