Today in Russian Business – Dec 16, 2009

Yegor Gaidar, a primary architect of radical liberal reforms that helped Russia transition from communism to capitalism, has died in Moscow, aged 53.  ‘[W]hatever hopes that Russia’s leaders might hold, the lines between commerce, state bureaucracy and law enforcement continue to be blurred. This makes it impossible to give investors any reliable guarantees,‘ says the Moscow Times.  The IMF wants Russia to curb spending and halt interest-rate cuts in order to avoid widening deficits.  Vietnam has agreed to buy $2.6 billion of Russian submarines and fighter jets, as part of a broader plan to forge closer economic links.  The Kremlin are to regulate vodka prices as of next year in a bid to curb alcoholism.  Companies are funneling cash into television and Internet advertising as consumers avoid the shops.  Russian firm Digital Sky Technologies is leading a $180 million investment into the US web game industry.