Today in Russian Business – Feb 15, 2010

Finans magazine has published details on Russia’s rich list, naming steel baron Vladimir Lisin (more on him here) as Russia’s richest man with $18.8 billion.  Overall, the list is starting to favormore traditional Russian resource oligarchs‘ instead of the cash-rich businessmen who sold their assets before last year’s crisis.  Russia’s top five steelmakers have all exceeded the market so far this year, possibly thanks to high oil prices which, suggested one analyst, boost construction.  IKEA fires two executives in St Petersburg over bribery allegations. Telecoms, retail and real estate holding company Sistema has applied to Russia’s competition watchdog to buy almost half of oil producer Russneft as it seeks to increase oil output to match its refining capacity. Alexander Lebedev will reportedly miss today’s exclusivity deadline on a deal to buy the UK’s Independent newspaper, but will continue negotiations.