Today in Russian Business – Feb 22, 2010

[L]et me explain why the innovation economy and the creation of creative reservations for scientists are completely beside the point,‘ says Georgy Satarov. Will the global market be interested in the estimated $50 billion that will be raised by Russian companies through share issues over the next two years for businesses that were ‘patched together from controversial state asset sales in the 1990s‘?  Fertilizer company Uralchem has hired three banks to lead its second attempt at a $600 million London listing.  Rusal plans to increase aluminium production by 3% in 2010 on the back of a perceived global recovery in demand.  The US and Russia are due to resume poultry supply discussions next week.  Yesterday’s Lex column in the FT focuses on Russian IPOs. ‘Russian equity issuers will no longer find London a sellers’ market.‘