Today in Russian Business – July 6, 2010

GDP expanded for the fourth month running in June and at the fastest pace since November 2008, the latest GDP indicator from VTB Capital states.  Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan have apparently voiced interest in joining the Russia-Belarus-Kazakhstan customs union, which came into effect yesterday.  First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov apparently believes that Russia could accede to the WTO within weeks.  The Agriculture Minister has said that the drought Russia suffered this year, its worst in a decade, has had a greater impact on harvests than initially predicted, but is confident that export capacity will be maintained.  The former chairman of Norlisk Nickel has refused to approve the results of its shareholders’ meeting, at which he lost his post, on the basis of voting irregularities.  ‘The Norilsk shareholders’ conflict is far less intense‘ than the one of 2008, a VTB analyst has told Bloomberg.   The Moscow Times reports on the hesitant restrengthening of the mortgage market.  Medvedev’s efforts to increase home purchases has prompted Sberbank to plan its debut mortgage-backed bonds.  Sukhoi Co. has that said production of the SuperJet is on schedule, denying a newspaper report of delays and talk of failed certification tests.