Today in Russian Business – June 14, 2010

Car maker AvtoVAZ apparently anticipates total car sales in Russia to exceed 1.7 million this year, from 1.47 million in 2009, on the back of the state-endorsed cash-for-clunkers scheme.  The company also plans to slash 10% of its workforce, as it reduces non-automotive activities.  The principal shareholder of Russia’s Uralkali, billionaire Dmitry Rybolovlev, has sold a 53.2% stake in the fertilizer producer.  United Grain Co. has pledged it will focus on South American and Southeast Asian clients to prevent it from squeezing out domestic rivals.   ‘If I could change just one thing about Russia today, my very biggest wish would be to have a proper functioning legal system, which has got worse since the Yukos case of 2003‘: investment manager Dimitri Kryukov discusses strategies for Russian investment with the FT.  Roman Olearchyk wonders just what the Kremlin is hoping for in return for its $2 billion loan to Ukraine.