Today in Russian Business – March 29, 2011

Moscow’s two airports, Vnukovo and Sheremetyevo, are to be combined into a single, state-owned entity, according to Vladimir Putin, who added that ‘the state does not plan on keeping this asset forever‘.  Reuters has a factbox on Rostelecom, which apparently has investors ‘fretting‘ over its long-term growth potential due its being only the fifth-largest mobile operator in Russia.  The latest showdown on the Russian alcohol market: whiskey vs. vodka.  Russian stocks are outperforming this week, thanks to the appreciation of the ruble and the disasters affecting the oil price.  Alisher Usmanov and Yuri Milner, the billionaires who hold a 10% stake in Facebook, have started up a second fund for Internet investments, and are looking at buying a stake in Spotify.