Today in Russian Business – September 29, 2010

State Duma Deputy Konstantin Kosachev has told reporters that Russia’s decision not to sell S-300s to Iran is a costly one, representing $1 billion in lost revenue.  In the latest twist in the Norilsk Nickel tussle, Rusal has filed a lawsuit against the nickel and palladium miner in an attempt to reverse the board meeting decision through which Rusal alleges it lost seats unfairly.   Norilsk Nickel has announced that Chinese customers bought a record 25% of its production output in 2009; the company plans to bolster its exports eastwards via a new Arctic shipping route.  Ria-Novosti ponders how Yelena Baturina’s property developer Inteko will fair following her husband’s sacking.  ‘The World Bank places Russia in 120th spot for the best places to do business out of 183 countries, and in 182nd place for dealing with construction permits, showing how bad its investment climate is’: Anders Aslund presents a litany of problems in Putin’s Russia in the Moscow Times.   The Central Bank has said that it may prolong the maintenance of interest rates at record lows for a few more months as it tries to nurture a delicate economic recovery.