US Lawyer Vows to Expose Those Behind Magnitsky Death

Here’s an excerpt from the latest press release from the Browder camp, continuing to ask inconvenient questions about the death of Sergei Magnitsky:

Jamison Firestone, an American lawyer, has pledged to carry on the fight with Russian corruption started by his late colleague, 37-year old lawyer Sergei Magnitsky, tortured in custody last year. This personal fight complements the high-level political efforts to obtain justice for Mr Magnitsky; at the end of June, the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton publicly demanded from Russia that “justice be delivered” in Magnitsky’s case…

[Mr. Firestone] filed a series of complaints with Russian President and Russian law enforcement authorities requesting to investigate the sources of sudden wealth of police officers exposed by Sergei Magnitsky in connection with a $230 million theft of budget funds. Complaints naming Lt Col Kuznetsov’s $3 million and Major Karpov’s $1 million fortunes and those of their families were filed by Mr Firestone on 3 June and 13 July respectively and are now with the Russian General Prosecutor office.

Mr Firestone’s complaints echothe videos released in the last three weeks by friends of SergeiMagnitsky detailing the luxurious lifestyle of these officers and theirfamilies that is not commensurate with their state salaries. Over200,000 Russians have watched the first Youtube video about Lt ColKuznetsov in the first two weeks. The 2nd Youtube videoabout Major Karpov has got over 100,000 hits just in the first threedays since the release. The most popular verdict posted on Youtube siteis: “Killers of Magnitsky must be punished.”